ebay no return policy 2021

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Ebay doesn't allow sellers with a No Return policy not to offer refunds if a buyer files a claim for Not as described. Whether that claim is filed properly or fraudulently. So in your particular case you should just tell your buyer to return for refund.

Can I return something on eBay if it says no returns?

Even if you specify “no returns accepted,” under the eBay Money Back Guarantee, the buyer can still return an item if it doesn't match the listing description.

Why do sellers not accept returns on eBay?

When buyers are dishonest, just as if sellers are, eBay doesn't work. eBay allows sellers to list their items with no returns. For certain categories, this can be a particularly valuable option for some sellers, such as in jewelry and clothing; in other categories. like electronics, it may not be.

How long does a buyer have to return an item on eBay 2021?

Hi, the buyer has 30 days from delivery (or from last estimated delivery for Items Not Rec'd) with the Ebay Money Back Guarantee. With PayPal Buyer Protection, the customer has 180 days from the date of payment.

What is eBay's new return policy?

Buyers have 30 days after actual (or latest estimated) delivery date to request a return. You have 8 days to respond to the request: you can either offer a refund or a replacement. If you don't reply, or don't offer those options the buyer can ask eBay to step in.

Can eBay force me to accept a return?

eBay enforces their policies automatically in many cases, as you have found out. If you accept returns, then you accept all returns. The only thing that differs is who pays for the return shipping, which is based on your policy, as long as the buyer chooses a reason for the return that is not related to seller error.

What happens if seller won't accept return?

Company Won't Give You a Refund? Here's How to Get Your Money BackTry to Work it Out with the Merchant First.Option 1: Request a Chargeback.Option 2: Consider Mediation.Option 3: Sue in Small Claims.Option 4: Pursue Consumer Arbitration.FairShake Can Help Make Arbitrating a Breeze.

Can eBay buyer return item after 30 days?

No, if it's been longer then 30 days, you don't have to accept the return. If you deny the return, they can file a claim with their payment source and probably win.

What if buyer does not return item eBay?

If a buyer doesn't receive their item, they're entitled to a refund unless you can provide tracking information from one of the shipping carriers integrated with eBay showing it was delivered by the estimated delivery date.

How Long Does buyer have to send back item eBay?

Buyers now have 30 days to send back a return. - The eBay Community.

Do sellers have to accept returns on eBay?

If the purchase is covered by the eBay Money Back Guarantee policy, you'll have to accept the return, even if you have a no returns policy.

Why is eBay automatically accepting returns?

In 2017, eBay wanted to streamline buyers' and sellers' return process by automatically accepting return requests and supplying a return label with the seller's address.

How do I fight a return on eBay?

How to appeal a decisionGo to your Seller Dashboard - opens in new window or tab.Expand Closed without seller resolution to see your options.Select See cases and find the item in the list.Select See details and then send us an appeal.

What Is eBay’s Return Policy?

There are multiple return policy options for sellers on eBay. Private sellers may also have the option to include no return policy at their discretion.

How To Return eBay Products?

The item return process may depend on the seller’s policy. Here is a step by step process that you will need to follow:

How Long Do eBay Refunds Take?

On average, refunds should be processed within 2 business days after the seller receives the return. The fund will be available within 3 to 5 days thereafter. You will be refunded based on the payment method you have used during the initial purchase.

Does eBay Accept Returns After 30 Days?

Unfortunately, after the 30 Day period (or after the set return period), there will be no returns accepted. If there is a no return policy, the item cannot be returned regardless.

When will eBay approve return requests?

Recently, eBay sent a wave of emails explaining that they will automatically approve return requests and refunds for sellers in their managed payments system, starting September 14th, 2020. Once again, many dropshippers are confused and are trying to figure out what’s going on.

How to avoid automatic returns on eBay?

All you have to do is enable the RMA option on the bottom of your eBay Return Preferences. The only difference is now eBay recognizes it as an official solution to the problem (instead of keeping the option hidden in the background only for the wise to know about it).

How long does it take for eBay to refund a return?

The new addition is once the item returns, eBay will automatically send a refund to the buyer after two days if the seller didn’t initiate the refund.

What happens if a buyer returns a product that is damaged?

If the buyer chooses that the reason for return is that the product is damaged or has missing pieces, the seller will have the chance to review the case before approving.

What happens if you don't offer free returns on eBay?

On the other hand, if you don’t offer free returns, then the buyer is responsible for shipping the package back to the return address that you supply him with. You’ll still need to accept the return if eBay didn’t automatically do so themselves.

When did eBay release the seller update?

In 2018 , eBay released eBay’s seller update, where they explained more about this feature, and that’s when we wrote an article about what to do with eBay’s automatic returns.

When a buyer opens a return request, will someone need to pay for the return label?

When a buyer opens a return request, someone will need to pay for the return label. Configure your eBay Business Policies to set your return policies according to your supplier’s return conditions.

How long do you have to return an item that is not received?

When a buyer files an Item Not as Received claim (INR), they currently have 30 days to request a return, even if the seller has a 14-day return policy or a no-returns policy. (Buyers have 60 days when making a claim against a seller who offers a 60-day return policy.)

Is eBay a vertical strategy?

The policy announced today is part of eBay’s “vertical strategy” in which it customizes features and policies in specific categories (including Sneakers, Luxury Watches, and Handbags) such as escrow and authentication services. Sellers may be wondering if eBay would ever consider a 3-day return-request policy for INRs in other categories

Does eBay give sellers greater protection?

eBay is giving sellers greater protection in the Trading Cards category by reducing the time buyers have to make a return under certain circumstances.

What happens if you don't get your money back on eBay?

Most purchases are covered under the eBay Money Back Guarantee. If you didn't get your item, we'll make sure you either get your money back or receive a replacement.

What happens if a buyer doesn't receive their item?

If a buyer doesn't receive their item, they're entitled to a refund unless you can provide tracking information showing that it was delivered. 3 min article. How to handle a return request as a seller. You can choose whether to accept returns if a buyer changes their mind about a purchase.

Who pays for postage on return?

Who pays for return postage – you or the buyer – depends on the reason they're returning the item and your return policy.

Can a buyer dispute an eBay payment?

Your buyer may open a dispute with their payment institution if they believe there’s an issue with their order. Learn how to handle a payment dispute as an eBay seller.

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