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How do I return a Zara online purchase?

You can return your order at any Zara store free of charge in the same market/region where you made the purchase. All you have to do is present the items you wish to return together with the sales receipt.

Does Zara do free online returns?

Zara deducts the refund charge from the refund. Customers buying items online can still return them for free in stores. Mailed returns in the U.S. are still free for 30-days post purchase.

Will Zara accept returns after 30 days?

The ZARA return policy will not give a full refund after 30 days. However, ZARA will give a merchandise credit to be used at ZARA retail stores if you have the original receipt. In addition, the tags must be intact, and the merchandise must be new, unwashed, unworn, and unaltered.

How do I return an online order?

Returning Online Purchases: Go to the online site where you purchased your merchandise. Find and read the return policy. Most online stores will only accept returns of unused and unopened items. If it is clothing, you must keep the tags on the clothing in order to return the purchase.

How do I return to Zara on Covid?

Zara Store You can bring it on your phone, bring in a printed copy or show your ZARA QR which you will find in the “Purchases” section in the Zara app. Remember, you don't need to request a return through the website/APP for in-store returns.

How many days is Zara return policy?

30 daysYou have 30 days from the shipping date of your order to return your purchase from The items must have all their labels and be in perfect condition.

What's Zara return policy?

The exchange and return period is 30 days from the purchase date. To exchange or return an item purchased from any of our stores, you must present the paper sales receipt. You can also present it via your ZARA QR (only available for returns).

Can I return at Zara without a receipt?

We do not accept returns without a receipt, however, as gesture of good will, we will allow an even exchange (of the same item) for a different size or color, if available for sale, at the store only. A written copy of this policy is available upon request.

Is Zara returns Free UK?

You have 30 days from the shipping date of your order to return your purchase from The items must have all their labels and be in perfect condition. Returns have a cost of 1.95 GBP that will be deducted from the refunded amount.

Does Zara offer free shipping?

Does Zara have free shipping? Yes, Zara offers free standard shipping on full-price orders of $50 or more. You can also opt for next-day delivery for $9.95 or $19.95 depending on the delivery location. Alternatively, you can have your order shipped to a Zara store near you!

Does Zara do Royal Mail returns?

Can I return my Zara parcel at the post office? Yes, Royal Mail post offices accept Zara returns. They can print off returns labels if you show them your QR code.

What is a Zara drop point?

What Are Zara Return “Drop Points”? Zara calls them “drop points” on their website but they just mean your local post office.

How to return items to Zara?

Return Through Drop Point 1 If you are a registered user, log in to the account and go to your Orders section. 2 Select the item you want to return at or exchange and click on Return. 3 If you are not registered, you can simply create a return request through the emails Zara has sent to you. 4 In both cases, when you raise a return request, you will be sent a form to fill and attach with the return package. 5 You can fill out the details and visibly attach the label. 6 Drop off this to your nearest drop point which will also be mentioned in the email.

How long does Zara take to return items?

There has been no change in the return policy of Zara since COVID-19. The store-bought items can be returned within 30 days from store opening. Online purchases can be sent back through the post. The only change is that there is a delay in the shipping and processing of returns.

How long does it take to return a Zara product?

It is possible to return a product after 30 days in some cases. However, Zara has the right to accept or reject your return request. While returning the product, make sure that it is in its original package and good condition.

How long does it take to get a return postmarked?

Make sure that the items are returned or exchanged within the 30 days’ time frame. In case of return through shipping, the return parcel must be postmarked within 30 days from the time you receive a shipping confirmation email.

How long does it take to exchange a store bought item?

Just like the return policy, the exchange for all products can be done within 30 days of purchase in-store as well as online. The store-bought items can only be exchanged in the stores. However, items bought online can be either exchanged at stores or through the post.

Can undergarments be returned?

Women Undergarments should be in the same condition along with the protective bag and sticker.Kid’s undergarments should be in their original packaging with tags intact. Men’s undergarments are non-returnable.The children’s undergarments except for tops, undershorts, and bodysuits cannot be returned.

Does Zara accept returns?

Zara usually accepts the return for most items, but they do not accept any form of the damaged item even within 30 days of purchase. In case you end up receiving something that is already damaged, make sure you call customer service or send them an email at the latest.

All About the Zara Return Policy

If you wish to return a Zara item, the company’s return policy gives you 30 days to do it free of charge. The Zara return process varies based on whether you bought the product online or at a Zara store. See the step-by-step instructions for both options below.

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How Much Time Will the Zara Return Process Take?

The Zara reviewing process takes up to 14 business days. You do not have to worry about time anyway—DoNotPay will add a deadline to the Zara return request letter, and the seller will have to give a response by a certain date.

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How to return something to Zara

You can either return your Zara items online or in-store, depending on where you purchased them.

How do I return my Zara product online?

If you bought something online, you need to log into your account and make a return request.

How do I return my Zara product in-store?

If you purchased your item in-store, you’re able to return it at any Zara store in the same region as where you purchased it.

Where can I drop off Zara returns?

On Zara’s website, it identifies post offices as ‘Drop-Off points’. This means your local post office.

How long do I have to return something to Zara?

Zara accepts returns up to 30 days from the shipping date of your purchase if bought online, or the sale date if bought in-store.

Can I return my Zara parcel at the post office?

Yes, Royal Mail post offices accept Zara returns. They can print off returns labels if you show them your QR code.

Can I return at Zara without receipt?

According to Which, a retailer has ‘no legal obligation to give you your money back, should you return an item without a receipt. However, many stores will offer an exchange or credit note, so it’s always worth asking.’

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