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Can you get a refund on Back Market?

You're free to change your mind about your order for any reason and cancel or return it within the first 30 days of receiving it. See our Terms of Service for full details. If the seller is unable to repair or replace your item, they'll automatically refund you.

What is the return and exchange policy?

Return policies are the rules a retailer creates to manage how customers return and exchange unwanted merchandise they purchased. A return policy tells customers what items can be returned and for what reasons, as well as the timeframe over which returns are accepted.

How long does Back Market take to refund money?

It can take up to 5 business days. Processing time depends on your method of payment and bank. Unfortunately, Back Market doesn't have control over this.

How do I return a package back to the market?

How do I return my product?Step 1: Check that the product is still under warranty. ... Step 2: Send pictures of your item to the seller. ... Step 3: Send your IMEI number to the seller if your product is a smartphone. ... Step 4: Back up and/or transfer your data. ... Step 5: Send confirmation of disconnection to your seller.More items...•

What is 30 day return policy?

"A 30-day return policy" means that if you return the goods to the store within 30 days, the store will give you your money back. If you bring the goods back after 30 days, then it is too late.

What is the normal return policy?

It's important to let your customers know how long they have to return a product. Generally speaking, 15-30 days is standard, although some businesses opt for 90 days. Either way, you won't be doing yourself any favors by accepting returns beyond that time.

Is Back Market trustworthy?

After considering on-site and off-site reviews, it appears that Back Market is indeed legit. The company has also received approval from publications like Forbes and TechCrunch. Regardless, customers should always be careful when dealing with resellers.

Can you call Back Market?

How to obtain warranty service? Orders page. Failing that, please contact Back Market at 1-855-442-6688 to assist you in contacting the Seller.

How long does Back Market take to ship?

All orders ship within 1 business day, but depending on what time you place your order, it may ship even sooner! A few things to consider: Our sellers only ship on business days (no weekends or holidays) Orders placed after 1 PM will be shipped out the next business day.

Does FedEx use Back Market?

How does BlackMarket ship? BLACKMARKET uses economical FedEx 2Day on all orders and we will ship and get your package there by the end of the second business day.

How do I cancel an order on Back Market?

How do I cancel my order?Log in to your customer account,Go to "My Orders"Choose your order, click on "Get help"Then click on "Report a new problem"Finally, click on "I wish to cancel my order"Validate your cancellation request by clicking on the "Confirm Cancellation" button.

What is the difference between return and exchange?

If a customer wants a return, they are communicating that the product did not meet their expectations for one reason or another and want a refund. An exchange on the other hand, means that they were satisfied with the quality of the product and the buying experience, but chose the wrong item.

Why do we have return policy?

Why have a return policy? A fair return policy builds trust between a business and its customers. In fact, offering a clear and consistent way for customers to return a purchased item can increase conversion and repeat rates.

Why do companies have return policy?

A concise and clear return policy gives consumers a feeling of security; that what they are buying is guaranteed to be what it is represented to be. If a retailer doesn't give this guarantee, then consumers often become suspicious and avoid buying the product.

What is a good return policy for a small business?

You should have a standard return policy for your business. According to one source, 9% of purchased products are returned to brick and mortar stores, and 30% of online purchases are returned. Return policies vary by business. They are influenced by industries and the types of products you sell.

How many options do you have with a DHL return label?

If you are using a DHL Express return label, you have 2 options to ship your parcel.

Where to put return label on box?

Stick the return label on top of the box (you can also place a spare label inside to help identify your shipment in case the original label is detached or damaged)

How to send a screenshot of a seller's disconnect?

Please send your seller a screenshot of the disconnection confirmation. To do so, press and release the side button and the volume up button at the same time. Please send your seller a screenshot of the disconnection confirmation. To do so, press and release the on/off button and the volume down button at the same time.

What is a backup device?

A backup allows you to copy and save the information from your current device and use it when you need it. If you replace your device, you can use a backup to transfer your information to a new device. Before returning your device you have to remove your personal information from the device.

Can you reuse old boxes?

Avoid reusing old boxes as they may have lost some of their rigidity and can be refused by the carrier at the time of drop-off

Is it necessary to disconnect your account before repair work can happen?

WARNING: Disconnecting your personal account on your device is absolutely necessary before repair work can happen.

Does DHL pick up packages?

DHL will pick up the package at the agreed address. If you are using a return label from another carrier. Simply follow the instructions sent by your refurbisher. 💡 You can also communicate to your refurbisher the shipping ID allowing you to follow the delivery of your package to ensure an optimal delivery.

How to get a return label?

Step 1: Find your nearest post office. Step 2: Go to the post office with the following items: Seller's return address, which should be shared with you via your chat interface with the seller. The device you wish to return. (Optional) A package in which to send your device.

How to send a package from my mailbox?

Go to the website of the carrier of your choice , find " send a package " and select " send from my mailbox " if this is offered.

Does a letter carrier pick up a package?

That's it! The letter carrier will pick up the package and drop off a notice of pick-up (which you will also receive by email). 📪

All Back Market items come with a 30-day return policy. Here's what you need to know to take advantage of this perk

After 30 days, a refund won't be possible with your return, but you can utilize the 1-year limited warranty if you’re experiencing a problem with the item. Your refurbisher will be happy to repair or replace an item that isn’t functioning properly. You can view the details of the 1-year limited warranty here.

How can I contact the refurbisher for a refund?

Just sign in to your Back Market account and go to "My orders" and click on “Ask for help”:

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