rag and bone return policy

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Simply follow the guidelines below:

  • Returns are eligible for a full refund if returned within 30 days with a receipt. ...
  • To ensure your item is covered by our free return policy, returns must be initiated within 14 days of the ship date. ...
  • Unfortunately, we cannot exchange, replace or credit gourmet, monogrammed or personalized items.
  • We recognize that returns are important to our customers. ...

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Items returned within 30 days of receipt in original condition and with tags attached will be refunded to the original payment method. Fragrance must be returned in its original packaging with the cellophane intact. Refunds for all transactions will be issued to the original form of payment.

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What is the return and exchange policy?

A return policy is a set of rules that merchants establish to manage how customers return or exchange unwanted or defective products that they've previously purchased or received as a gift.

Can I still return clothes after 30 days?

If it's broken. Under the Consumer Rights Act, you have the right to return something within 30 days and get all of your money back if it's faulty, not as described, or unfit for purpose.

Does rag and bone have a warranty?

Every product has a natural lifetime, but — laundry accidents aside — if our product doesn't reasonably hold up, we'll fix it or replace it for you.

Do you get a refund when you return clothes?

In-Store Returns: You will likely need the receipt or invoice to return the item for a full refund. Some stores will refund without a receipt, but others may only give a replacement or store credit.

What is 30 day return policy?

For example, the 30 days could mean that you have to exchange the purchase within 30 days of purchasing the items. It could also mean that you have 30 days to use a promotion or discount within the store.

How long can you return clothes?

Under the Consumer Rights Act, you have a right to return something and get your money back if it's faulty. You're only entitled to an automatic refund if you return it within 30 days, otherwise the retailer can repair or replace it.

Is Rag and Bone high end?

Rag & Bone jeans are the best I've found Prices are undeniably high, ranging from $190 to $375, but like any other brand, you can often snag good deals on their pieces whether its on their site or at a department store like Nordstrom or Bloomingdale's.

How can you tell fake rag and bone?

Rag & Bone always positions this icon logo in the upper right corner of the back right pocket on their jeans. And it is always stitched onto the jeans, never printed. If you find a pair that omits this logo, positions it incorrectly, or prints the logo – then it is certainly a fake.

Where is Rag and Bone clothing made?

Now, Rag & Bone denim is made in Los Angeles, with certain ready-to-wear items produced in New York City's Garment District. At the same time, Wainwright is realistic about how far local production can take a brand.

Is it illegal to wear something then return it?

The short answer is – yes, it is possible. So, here is the law, and how to stay out of trouble. The practice of buying clothing, wearing it once or twice and returning it to the store is called “wardrobing” and it costs stores almost $10 billion dollars a year.

Can a store refuse to give a refund?

In the U.S., there's no federal law that says merchants have to accept returns. However, retailers are required to provide a repair, exchange, or refund if a product is defective. And under the FTC's “cooling off” rule, you have the right to cancel some sales within three days of the purchase and get a full refund.

Can I return clothes without tags?

When you return an item without tags, chances are you will have to pay for the return shipping costs. Most retailers are not going to like the fact that the item is coming back without tags. Some will deny the return completely; others will tell you that the return shipping costs are going to be at your own expense.

What to do with clothes you can't return?

Donate. Gift-swap parties and online exchange programs are good options for many consumers, but some gift recipients may not want to take the time required to manage them. If this sounds like you, consider donating unwanted gifts to charity, like a soup kitchen or Salvation Army.

Do returned clothes get resold?

Why returns end up in a landfill. One of the main issues with online shopping returns is that after going through this pollution-heavy process, most returned clothes end up in a landfill rather than being resold.

Can you return worn clothes?

If you go over the fact with an elaborate story, they might just want to look at the item a little closer. You can return a worn item if it is faulty... this is part of your statutory rights under the Consumer Rights Act (valid for items bought after October 2015).

What do clothing stores do with returned clothes?

Different brands take different approaches to returned items. In a best case scenario, your returned clothes end up going into a clearance sale or sit in a warehouse until they are out of season. However, in most cases, these returns take a clear pathway to landfills.

How to use our returns services

Go to and enter your order number and email address. You can find your order number on your order confirmation email or if you have an account, login and go to the orders page.

Returns Policy

All returns must be made through our returns portal either sent using a prepaid label provided by us or with a courier of your own choice. Returns must be returned to our returns team within 30 days of receiving delivery of your parcel.

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