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How do I get double cash back from Rakuten?

To be eligible for double cash back, your purchase must be made during a shopping session that originates from a link from or between 12:00 AM and 11:59 PM PST on the day it has been selected by us, and make a purchase. Do all purchases qualify for cash back rewards?

Can you use coupons on Rakuten?

You can use the coupon codes posted on or to get great deals at Coupons Only stores by clicking through the links on or and using the coupon codes at check out. Do gift certificates qualify for Cash Back rewards?

Does Rakuten own the rights to the “Rakuten” Mark?

Additionally, Company shall maintain all right, title and interest in the “Rakuten” mark, the “Ebates” mark, the Rakuten logo, the Ebates logo and any other marks, service marks, trademarks or logos of Company and its affiliates (“Company Marks”).

Who is the parent company of Rakuten Rewards?

Ebates Performance Marketing, Inc. dba Rakuten Rewards (“Company” or “we”) makes available shopping programs (“Programs”) through and related mobile and software applications (“Company Properties”) under these Terms and Conditions.


What happens if you return item Rakuten?

Returned or cancelled orders may void Cash Back and be deducted from your Cash Back Balance, depending on the store's policy. If a store processes your exchanged order as a cancellation and a new transaction is created, the exchange may be treated as a cancelled order.

Can you get Rakuten Cash Back after purchase?

Unfortunately, you can earn Cash Back only by starting a Shopping Trip with Rakuten. We have no way to add Cash Back after a purchase has already been made. If you are finding it difficult to remember to go to before you purchase, try our Cash Back Button.

What happens to Cash Back if returned?

When your credit card gets refunded for your return, the points, miles or cash back you earned on that purchase will be subtracted from your rewards balance. That includes any bonus rewards you may have earned.

How can Rakuten give Cash Back?

Rakuten is where you can get Cash Back for shopping at over 3,500 stores. Becoming a member is free! Stores pay Rakuten a commission for sending you their way, and Rakuten shares the commission with you as Cash Back. Get paid every three months, plus earn a cash bonus when you join and shop.

Why did my Rakuten Cash Back disappear?

If you made a purchase and don't see Cash Back in your account, it may be due to one of these reasons: Using coupons you found outside of Rakuten. Using or even attempting to use any coupon codes, offers or promotions that are not on Rakuten can void your Cash Back.

Who owns Rakuten Cash Back?

Amit PatelMembers of the site click through affiliate links before shopping at a retailer's site....Rakuten Rewards.IndustryCashback websiteKey peopleAmit Patel (CEO)Number of employees760 (worldwide, 2019)ParentRakutenWebsitewww.rakuten.com5 more rows

How does Cash Back work with refunds?

Cash back refers to a credit card benefit that refunds the cardholder's account a small percentage of the sum spent on purchases. Cash-back rewards are actual cash that can be applied to a credit card bill or received as a check or bank account deposit.

Will I receive my points back if I get a refund from the merchant?

You can't keep the rewards on refunded purchases Finally, credit card companies will deduct any rewards points, including cash back, once a refund is processed. If the travel points or rewards have already been used, it's possible to end up with negative reward points until the points are earned back.

Does returning items affect your credit?

Since there's not a specific credit score component for returns, returning items does not have a direct impact on your credit score. There could be minor fluctuations due to changes in your credit balance or utilization, though.

What is the downside of Rakuten?

The only downside to Rakuten is that it can take months to get a check and be paid for shopping you've already forgotten about. If you're a frequent online shopper, using Rakuten is a seamless process.

Does Amazon use Rakuten?

Amazon is no longer affiliated with Rakuten and does not sponsor or endorse Rakuten services. Amazon is your one-stop online resource for shopping a wide selection of products from names you already know and trust. Shop clothing, lawn and garden, electronics, books, beauty and more with Amazon.

What did Rakuten used to be called?

We've changed our name from Ebates to Rakuten. Aside from the new name and logo, our member experience is virtually unchanged. Here are some common questions and answers related to this change.

Can you upload receipts to Rakuten?

Simply by taking a photo of a receipt using your smartphone camera (OS: Android™ or iOS4. 3 and later), prices and purchased items are automatically read and registered to the app.

How long does it take to get Rakuten Cash Back?

Most Cash Back rewards are credited within 48 hours. Some stores, however, cannot confirm your purchase until the return period has elapsed and may take up to thirty days to confirm your Cash Back. Travel and car rental sites do take longer to process Cash Back for Rakuten members than other sites.

Is Ibotta better than Rakuten?

WINNER: RAKUTEN Rakuten wins this category by a landslide because they offer a way bigger bonus: Rakuten shells out $25 per referral, while Ibotta only offers $5 per person you refer.

When can you cash out on Rakuten?

With our Cash Back for Change program, you can donate the change from your quarterly Cash Back payment to our partner nonprofits. All you need to do is opt in to start giving back....Getting Your Rakuten Cash Back Payments.Purchases Posted BetweenBig Fat Check SentJan 1 - Mar 31May 15Apr 1 - June 30Aug 15July 1 - Sept 30Nov 15Oct 1 - Dec 31Feb 15

How long is the return policy for a product?

Return Policy Conditions for Different Products. For most of the products the company has its standard policy covering all the products under 30 days return policy. Moreover, policy can also change depending on the type of seller you have purchased your product from. Products and purchases. Product Condition.

How to find seller information?

You can follow the given below steps by visiting company’s website: Under the product image, you will be able to find the seller information. By clicking on seller information link, you will reach to seller’s page. You will find seller’s return policy by scrolling down.

How long does it take to return a Rakuten product?

How to Return Rakuten Products. As you already know that you can return company’s products within 30 days of issue of invoice but you will have to return the product only through seller. In case you wish to get full refund, you should send the original product in original packaging only.

What is a rakuten?

Rakuten is one of the most well-known Japanese online trading and electronics seller. The company also provides communication services to clients across the world.

Does Rakuten cover exchanges?

Rakuten does not have any policy that covers exchanges and if you are looking to exchange some of your items, you will have to return the merchandise and order a new one.

Is Rakuten a marketplace?

Rakuten is a famous e-commerce giant and a lot of people look forward to understand their return policy . They also sell through marketplace and hence marketplace returns, Rakuten Return Policy, Rakuten exchange policy, and cashbacks need to be understood.

How long does it take to return items to Macy's?

It’s 180 days for most items. The exception for the holiday season is an extension for the items that usually have to be returned within 14-30 days. These items are Apple products, area rugs, furs, high-end brands, jewelry and small electronics.

Does Kohl's have an expiration date?

Technically there is no “expiration” for returns on most items with Kohl’s, except electronics. If you do buy premium electronics from them this holiday season, you’ll get an extended window.

What is 8.1 cash back?

8.1 Cash Back is earned on your net purchase amount, which excludes taxes, fees, shipping, gift-wrapping, discounts or credits, returns or cancellations, and extended warranties. Purchases of gift cards do not qualify for Cash Back. Cash Back amounts vary by store and product category and may contain exclusions in the terms of the offer and the applicable store page. Please review these terms carefully.

What is a change in the terms and conditions?

1. CHANGES TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. 1.1 Company may at its discretion modify, update, add to, discontinue, remove or otherwise change these Terms and Conditions at any time. Each such modification will take immediate effect upon notification to you.

Is a gift card a cash back?

Periodically, Company may offer gift cards in connection with a promotion or as a redemption option for your Cash Back. Gift cards are subject to the terms and conditions of the gift card issuer and the applicable Affiliate Store policies. Company is not responsible for lost or stolen payments, including gift cards.


Introduction to Their Return Procedure

Rakuten is one of the most well-known Japanese online trading and electronics seller. The company also provides communication services to clients across the world. Rakuten Returns:Recently Did you happen to shop at the company through third-party sellers or at website? Are you looking for purchasing some item from t…
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Rakuten Return Conditions

  • The period for return – 30 days According to the standard return policy of the company, you need to return the items purchased through the online channel with in 30 days of invoice issued date. Moreover, the company reserves the right to deny the admission of any product, basis its type. We have described all the return procedures in detail for your help.
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Rakuten Refunds

  • Refund policy will differ from one seller to another. There are some sellers who will process your refund immediately towards your original payment mode and there are sellers that will take 4-5 days of time refunding the item to your payment mode. Banks may take additional time depending on their cycles.
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Return Policy Conditions For Different Products

  • For most of the products the company has its standard policy covering all the products under 30 days return policy. Moreover, policy can also change depending on the type of seller you have purchased your product from.
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Rakuten Exchange Policy

  • Rakuten does not have any policy that covers exchanges and if you are looking to exchange some of your items, you will have to return the merchandise and order a new one. You can follow the given below steps to exchange the product that does not suit your requirement: 1. Contact company’s customer care and ask for product authorization 2. Return the product according to s…
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  • What is Rakuten customer service number? You can contact the customer service at 1-888-733-6410. You can also contact, By mailing the company at In how many days can I return my Dell laptop? Within 30 days of invoice issued by the company, you will be able to return the product back to the company. If return policy different for every seller? Yes…
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  • Do you know that Rakuten is official partner of NBA and is also key sponsor of major football club – Barcelona and the company is involving in 5G technology trials? Did you get answers to questions popping in your head? If yes, then give your feedback and help us grow. If no, post your query and we will answer that on urgent basis. Other similar guides to follow: asos Return Policy…
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