raleys return policy

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What is raleys return policy?

Raley's may provide you with a refund in certain circumstances. If you are not satisfied with your order, your delivery, and/or your service provider, please contact Raley's Customer Service at 1-800-925-9989. Raley's will not provide you a refund for certain goods which by nature cannot be returned.

Does raleys give cash back?

A . No, Raley does not offer cashback on all types of payment modes.

Do you tip raleys eCart?

Our personal shoppers are not able to accept tips.

How does Raley's something extra work?

Every time you shop at a Raley's, Bel Air or Nob Hill Foods, enter your Something Extra number or swipe your Something Extra card at checkout and you will earn one point for every dollar spent on eligible items. Also, watch your mailbox or inbox for extra point-earning opportunities.

What stores give cash back on debit returns?

In addition to grocery stores and gas stations, some department stores let you get fee-free cash back with your debit card. Department stores like Costco, Target, and Walmart are just a few of many options....When you need cash, you can usually find it at:Costco.Kmart.Target.Walmart.Walgreens.Rite Aid.CVS.Staples.

What stores do cash returns without a receipt?

Stores That Give Cash Back on Returns Without a ReceiptWalmart—If you want to return an item to Walmart, you can do it by mail or in person. ... Nordstrom—Nordstrom products can be returned by mail and in person. ... Bed Bath & Beyond—The company doesn't offer refunds for returns.More items...

Is raleys cheaper than Safeway?

A few chains deliver higher quality than Lucky and Safeway while offering about the same prices. Raley's and Nob Hill had prices about the same as those at Lucky and Safeway, but scored much higher on our surveys of customers on quality.

Does raleys have lube?

Get what you love from Raley's — delivered to you. K-y® Liquid Personal Based Lubricant, Premium Natural Feelin...

Should I tip for pickup?

"Tipping on takeout orders is the right thing to do," says H.G. Parsa, professor of lodging management at the University of Denver. "Even takeout involves some amount of service, and we should tip those employees." A tip is a token of appreciation for the service provided, and takeout is a service, Parsa says.

How do I get my employee discount at Raley's?

Sign in at or with your email and password. Click "Something Extra" from the top menu elect "Your Available Offers" Find your You Count discount and click to "Accept" the offer. Use your Something Extra card or number every time you shop; your discount will be automatically applied.

What is Something Extra?

The Savings Program That Rewards You For However You Eat Enter your Something Extra number at check-out to earn personalized savings on the items you buy most, along with points that add up to Something Extra Dollars you can spend on groceries in-store.

How do I request time off at Raley's?

If you would like to take time off from your job, you will need to submit an official request to your employer or HR representative.

Does raleys have a rewards program?

We'll send you personalized savings on the products you buy. Every three months, we'll convert your points into Something Extra Dollars. You can spend your Something Extra Dollars in-store on groceries.

Can you get money orders at Raley's?

Sacramento-based Raley's offers MoneyGram money transfer services, urgent bill payments and money orders at 120 of its 133 stores in northern California and northern Nevada. Raley's has been a MoneyGram agent since 1999 providing an important service to customers who rely on money transfers as a core financial service.

Can you cash a check at raleys?

Bruno's, Raley's to Offer Biometric Check Cashing System | Progressive Grocer.

How do I get my employee discount at Raley's?

Sign in at or with your email and password. Click "Something Extra" from the top menu elect "Your Available Offers" Find your You Count discount and click to "Accept" the offer. Use your Something Extra card or number every time you shop; your discount will be automatically applied.

How to contact Raley's for refund?

If you are not satisfied with your order, your delivery, and/or your service provider, please contact Raley’s Customer Service at 1-800-925-9989.

Is Raley's responsible for third party content?

You agree that Raley’s is not responsible for Third Party Content accessible through the Site, including opinions, advice, statements and advertisements, and understand that you bear all risks associated with the use of such content.

Can Raleys discount be adjusted?

Discount values may be adjusted if the total Discount value is greater than the value of the item to which the Discount applies. Raleys reserves the right to withdraw or cancel any Discount at any time, either as a whole, or for specific goods or delivery areas.

Can you hyperlink to a website from Raley's?

You may provide hyperlinks to the Site from your own website as long as you do not use any Raley’s trademarks , and do not hyperlink to the Site by any means that gives visitors to your own website the impression that you are hyperlinking to pages that are within your own website, or that Raley’s endorses your website, sponsors your website, or is in any way affiliated with your website. You shall not attribute a hyperlink on your website to the Site and then hyperlink somewhere else. You may not “frame” any portion of the Site or present any portion of the Site as belonging to you or any third party..

Can you use Raley's discount on a cancelled order?

If this happens, then the Discount may not be used for any orders picked up or delivered on or after the date of withdrawal or cancellation. Raley’s reserves the right to reject or cancel the use of a Discount where fraud or misuse is suspected.

Is Raley's liable for any loss?

Raley’s shall not be liable to any customer or household for any financial loss arising out of the cancellation or withdrawal of any Discount or any failure or inability of a customer to use a Discount for any reason.

Can you copy and print Raley's logo?

You may electronically copy and print to hard copy Content for non-commercial, personal use . Any other use is strictly prohibited. You may not use Raley’s name, logo or other trademarks for any purpose without the express written consent of Raley’s. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved by Raley’s.

How to unsubscribe from Raley's?

Click the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any email communication from Raley’s. You will be taken to your subscription center page

How to change your registration information on Raley's?

You can modify your registration or enrollment information anytime. Simply Sign In, click Manage Your Account and edit whatever information you wish. Do not share your password with anyone. Other than on the Raley’s Family of Stores Websites, we will never ask you for your password.

What information do you need to refill a prescription?

If you request a refill of your prescription on-line, we require that you provide certain personal information, including your last name, birth date, and prescription number. This information is necessary to process your refill. This personal information is subject to the terms and conditions of our pharmacy’s Privacy Notice, which is available on, at your Pharmacy, or you can click here to go directly to our pharmacy’s HIPAA Privacy Notice.

What happens after you submit a completed order form?

After you submit a completed order form, you may receive a communication acknowledging our receipt of the order.

Who uses Raley's order information?

If you are ordering products or services, your order information will be used and disclosed by Raley’s or its affiliated companies for billing and shipping purposes and to fill or deliver your orders or both.

When did California change its privacy policy?

Material changes effective January 1, 2020. We have changed this privacy policy to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act. The Act expanded the information that needed to be covered by this policy from “personally identifiable information” to personal information.

What is the number to contact Raley's?

For questions related to your order, please contact your store or the Raley’s Service Center at (800) 925-9989.

How to contact Raley's Service Center?

For questions or comments about online shopping or help resolving a problem with your order, please contact the Raley’s Service Center at (800) 925-9989.

What does it mean when there are no time slots for delivery?

If there are no time slots available for the day or time you want, that means the time slots are full.

How long does it take to reserve a delivery window?

TIP: It’s wise to reserve your preferred delivery window after you sign in but before you start your order. The window will be held for 30 minutes while you place your online delivery order. After 30 minutes, it will time out and you will need to re-select your time slot before checking out.

What is Raley's $5 Monday special?

The $5 Monday special pricing applied to orders picked up or delivered on the Monday that the pricing is valid for. For substituted products, customers will be charged the price of the lower-priced item. If you have any concerns or questions about pricing, contact the Raley’s Service Center at (800) 925-9989.

How to check if you're logged in to Something Extra?

To check, tap on the menu button (three horizontal lines) in the upper left-hand corner in the App. Notice the grey bar at the bottom of the menu options. If it says “Logout,” that indicates that you’re logged in!

Can you reuse Raley's bags?

Most items (depending upon size) will be packaged in paper bags and sealed with a Raley’s sticker. We encourage you to reuse these bags whenever you visit a retail store. Bag fees may apply.

How long does it take to get a refund from Hamleys?

We are pleased to offer our customers a up to a 90 day peace of mind guarantee on purchases made with Hamleys within the UK. We will honour a refund for unwanted toys returned within 60 days and exchanges 90 days.

How long does it take to get a return from a faulty toy?

Our returns team will review and process your return within 7 working days of receipt.

Can you return a toy to a high street store?

Please return the toys directly back to one of our high street stores in person. Please ensure toys are in a re-saleable condition. For a full refund or replacement of toys purchased at our stores ensure you provide a copy of the purchase receipt. Store returns can only be accepted in person. If you are sending unwanted products by post, please use the Free post address by selecting the above tab.

Do you need a receipt for postage?

We do recommend that you obtain a receipt of postage from the post office. This will cover you in the event of the item being mislaid in the post.

Do Hamleys give toys?

At Hamleys we strive to offer the finest and most magical toys and gifts in the world but understand you may occasionally need to return your toys.

Can you return an unwanted item that included a free item?

In the case where you are returning an unwanted product which included a Free item offer, we require both items to be returned to us to obtain a full refund.

Can you return a faulty toy?

Yes No. Returning a faulty toy by post guide. Faulty Products. We are very sorry if your purchase proves to be faulty. For a full refund or a replacement you can return the item directly to the store, alternatively use our Freepost service, please refer to Freepost guide below; Freepost Guide.

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