rat and boa return policy

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How do I return to rat and boa?

Return your order - Rat & Boa. You have 30 days to log and send your return/exchange back to our warehouse. Any items received back after this date will not be accepted. We accept returns on unused and undamaged items.

Can you exchange items after 30 days?

If it's broken After 30 days, the retailer can give you a repair or fair replacement, but you're not entitled to a refund.

What is the House return policy?

Return Policy Used items purchased from us are final sale with no returns accepted. Final Sale items are sold “As Is”. No returns, exchanges, or price adjustments are allowed. If there is an issue with the quality of product you received from us, please contact us at 800-409-7669 prior to initiating a return.

How do I return a purchase?

Tell the clerk you want to return the item. Go to the returns department if there is one, or to a cashier. Smile and explain that you want to return an item and why. Remember to be friendly.

How long after purchase can I return goods?

between 28-30 daysIf a retailer does have a returns policy, then you'll usually have between 28-30 days to return an item and get a refund or exchange.

How long do you have to return an item?

Most sellers give instructions on how to return items, and often include returns labels with your order. You usually have 14 days to return the item after telling the seller - check your terms and conditions for how long you have.

What is an RA number in retail?

Return Authorisation Number (A Must Have) This is required for replacement Products and refunds. After you have provided us with the required information, the Customer Service team will email you a PDF voucher containing the RA number, which you must print and affix to the Product prior to posting.

Is it free returns for House of Fraser?

Any returns are at your own risk. For your protection, House of Fraser recommends that you return your items either by courier or by tracked post. You must pay for any return delivery costs, except where the wrong item has been sent to you or the item is defective.

How do I do return to Jjshouse?

Return ProcessSubmit a return request at Contact Us to Customer Service within 14 days upon receiving your order. ... Once our Customer Service has approved your request, we will provide you with a return address as well as a Product Return Form that must be filled in and included with your return.More items...

How do I return my online order?

Most businesses with an online store have a return policy in place....Read the store's return policy. Before you purchase anything, carefully read through the store's policy about how to return something you ordered online. ... Keep the original packaging. ... Take photos of any damage or defects. ... Start the return process ASAP.

Can I return online purchase to the store?

Returns are usually a viable option, but shipping an order back to the retailer can be a hassle, especially if the product won't fit in your mailbox....Retailers That Let You Buy Online and Return In-Store.StoreReturn Time FrameOther DetailsAutoZone90 daysIf no receipt, must contact customer support for transaction information35 more rows•Dec 27, 2021

How do I ask for a refund?

Refund Request Letter—Why Is It Important?Ask for a refund in a polite and formal language.Include details about the product—what was purchased, when, and what the price was.Explain why you want to return the item.Mention relevant aspects of the transaction such as dates and place of delivery.

How can I return my product in Flipkart after 30 days?

Log in to Flipkart, go to the My Order page, and click on the Return button to initiate a request. On the Flipkart My Order return page, you can select the reason for the return from the dropdown menu. Select the Flipkart item return reason details and add any comments as applicable.

What does it mean to return within 30 days?

"A 30-day return policy" means that if you return the goods to the store within 30 days, the store will give you your money back. If you bring the goods back after 30 days, then it is too late.

Can I exchange an item without a receipt?

What if I don't have the receipt? If you can't get hold of the receipt and you're taking an item back simply because you don't like it, the retailer is under no legal obligation to give you a refund – but the retailer may offer you an exchange or a credit note.

Can a store refuse to give a refund?

In the U.S., there's no federal law that says merchants have to accept returns. However, retailers are required to provide a repair, exchange, or refund if a product is defective. And under the FTC's “cooling off” rule, you have the right to cancel some sales within three days of the purchase and get a full refund.

How to use our returns services

Go to and enter your order number and email address. You can find your order number on your order confirmation email or if you have an account, login and go to the orders page.

Returns Policy

All returns must be made through our returns portal either sent using a prepaid label provided by us or with a courier of your own choice. Returns must be returned to our returns team within 30 days of receiving delivery of your parcel.

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