baleaf return policy

by Enoch Braun Published 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

How do I return something to Baleaf?

How can I return my items? We accept returns with original packaging and tags intact, within 30 days of receiving. Here is the Return Policy. You can contact us at Return Center or send an email to directly.

Is Baleaf a legit company?

BALEAF is a 100% legit website with outstanding leadership and a knack for designing trendy new athletic apparel. They are getting HOT and for good reason - their women's leggings and bike shorts are among their most popular items with countless raving reviews about the quality, comfort and affordability.

Is Baleaf a Chinese company?

Its subsidiary, Baleaf, is an athleisure company with zero indicators that it is a Chinese brand.

Where is the company Baleaf located?

Los AngelesBaleaf is a relatively new sportswear brand that was launched in 2015 and is located in Los Angeles.

Is Baleaf a good brand for cycling?

As an entry level Bib Short (from a pricing standpoint), these are a good option to get someone on the bike. For anyone who is starting out, or doesn't bike too often, comfort is key. Subsequently, these Baleaf Bib Shorts will work for comfort (up to a certain mileage and ride time), style, and price.

Are Baleaf shorts good?

When it's hot out or when I want something flexible and soft to work out in, Baleaf's Biker Shorts fit the bill. They may be more function than form, with their multiple pockets and comically excessive seams, but for just over $20, they also meet the Goldilocks standard of affordable and comfy WFH athleisure.

What kind of company is Baleaf?

sports clothing manufacturerBaleaf Sports is a sports clothing manufacturer and seller company.

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