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IKEA gives 365 days from the date of purchase to return the items which have not been opened, and 180 days for the items which have been opened. When it comes to receipts, both IKEA and Walmart do not have anything mandatory with receipts. If a customer does not have it, he/she can show some other proof of purchase. IKEA Vs Costco

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Can I return an item to IKEA without a receipt?

IKEA usually requires a return receipt; however, you may not need one in rare instances. You may be permitted to return an item without a receipt if it is defective or missing parts. You can also give additional proof of purchase, including the credit or debit card you used to purchase the item. How Long Can I Return Items To IKEA?

How to return IKEA?

The Swedish retailer is willing to buy your old IKEA furniture so you can put it toward something new, while also assisting in moving toward a more sustainable lifestyle. To get the ball rolling on your store credit, fill out a form on its website, where you’ll then receive an emailed quote.

Does IKEA accept returns on assembled furniture?

The only way you can return assembled furniture is to bring it to your local IKEA store. Then, depending on the type of return you are planning to do, you will need: You need your government-issued photo ID: no returns are accepted if you cant provide a valid ID.

Does IKEA refund shipping?

  • Ask for the relative refund file number !!! MOST IMPORTANT
  • Provide order number, order confirmation and the screenshot of bank transaction
  • Remember the name of Customer Resolution, that might be a little bit helpful
  • Save the chat transcript!
  • If all of these couldn't work, you should try to contact with the bank to request a chargeback


Can I return IKEA product without packaging?

As long as you have your receipt, you have about six months to return opened items to IKEA. You can even make returns without the original packaging. Just make sure your product isn't dirty, stained or damaged.

Can you refund without the box?

Original packaging is not necessary When you return an item, you do not have to return it in the original packaging in order to get a refund, given that it meets consumer guarantees.

How strict is IKEA return policy?

If you're not totally satisfied with your IKEA purchase you can return new and unopened products within 365 days, together with your proof of purchase, for a full refund. You may also return open products within 180 days, with your proof of purchase, for a full refund.

Can you return items without original packaging?

You may ask consumers to return goods with the original packaging, but you cannot insist on this.” That seems pretty clear – you can't insist on returns with original packaging, but you can certainly ask nicely.

What does it mean by original packaging?

noun. The package or packaging in which goods are sent out from the place of manufacture.

Do you need original box for warranty?

Hi there. Thanks for your great question! You definitely don't need to hold onto the box if you don't want to. We recommend keeping boxes for items like phones, TV's or computers however!

Can I return assembled IKEA?

You have the right to return almost any open item within 180 days, as long as it is unaltered, unused, and undamaged. You don't have to provide the original packaging for a successful return. What is this? And lastly, IKEA also provides all customers with an option to return already assembled and used furniture.

Do IKEA returns need to be disassembled?

Do I Need To Disassemble IKEA Furniture Before Returning It? No, you do not need to disassemble IKEA furniture back into flatpack form to return it. According to the IKEA return policy, they will accept all assembled furniture items as long as it is in good condition and within 365 days of purchase.

Is IKEA lenient on returns?

Returning Unopened IKEA Products IKEA will allow you to return any unopened, new product within a year (365 days) as long as you have proof of purchase. Not only that, but you can get a full refund.

How do I return something to IKEA?

Things to note: IKEA returns, IKEA refunds and IKEA exchangesWhen you return anything, please bring your receipt.​​We issue refunds in the payment form used to buy the product. ... More than 365 days since you bought your product?More items...

How do I pack an item for return?

Get Your Package ReadySeal your box with plastic or nylon tape at least two inches wide. Don't use duct tape.Wrap items separately and use cushioning material. Get packaging tips.Keep in mind, there are additional rules for special-care and prohibited items.You'll need to know the dimensions and weight of your box.

Can you return an item if the box is damaged?

The retail packaging must be in perfect condition. If it was damaged in transit, it is no longer considered New. If the customer was to present it as a gift, it would not be acceptable that the packaging is damaged. If they were going to sell it at retail or online, a damaged box would not be acceptable.

Can I return an item at Walmart without a box?

According to the Walmart return policy on their website, as long as you have a receipt to prove your purchase, Walmart will accept returns even if the original packing or box has been damaged, opened, or is missing. Customers can obtain full refunds at your nearest Walmart within 90 days after purchase.

Can I return something without the box target?

The Target return policy without tags is pretty lenient. If you have your app, a receipt, or the card you paid with, Target will accept returns without tags for the full 90-day return period. Again, you might find this policy to be at the discretion of the associate or store manager.

Can I return item without box Amazon?

Customers can easily return eligible products at Amazon Books, Amazon 4-star, across the U.S. Customers simply need to walk in to our convenient and secure locations staffed with helpful associates, show the QR code, hand over their package in the original manufacturer's packaging, and walk out.

Can I return something if the box is damaged?

The retail packaging must be in perfect condition. If it was damaged in transit, it is no longer considered New. If the customer was to present it as a gift, it would not be acceptable that the packaging is damaged. If they were going to sell it at retail or online, a damaged box would not be acceptable.

Large item returns

Large item returns can be made by visiting your local IKEA store. Our truck pickup service is currently not available.

In-store returns

Head to your local IKEA and enter through the Exchanges & Returns entrance. Follow signage to the Exchanges & Returns desk

In-store exchanges

Exchange items at any IKEA store by bringing your merchandise, photo ID, receipt (or online order confirmation) and the card that you made the purchase with.

Contact us!

If you cannot make it to a store, no problem! Please contact us by calling in order to start the exchange process.

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